Simple Knitting Patterns for Beginners to Try

When you're starting out with a new hobby, you still want to create something beautiful. Knitting is no different. The only way you can master your skill is to practise, but you need something to practise with. Here are some simple but great knitting patterns for beginners to try out.

Create a Scarf

It seems like the obvious one, but that is because it is so simple. You can really learn about the stitching and how to create the different styles of loops. There are many different types of scarves that you could make too. Try a simple wrap-around scarf or have fun with a longer, over the head one that is designed for doubling up. Try with different colours and start making them for each family member to suit their styles.

The best thing about scarf patterns is that you can learn how to join different colours together easily.

Head Wraps and Hats

The next pattern to move onto is a hat or head wrap. Head wraps are very similar to scarves, so may be easier. However, hats will push you a little further. There are different types of hats that you can create, whether you want a beanie hat or a flap-cap style. You can also add buttons and other bits of detail to them.

Baby or Pet Blankets

Do you know someone who is having a baby? You've got six months or so to create a handmade blanket—and nothing shows you care better than this. The best thing is that there are plenty of knitting patterns for beginners with this in mind. It's also possible to use different materials to avoid causing reactions on the soft, delicate skin. Look through some ideas and get to work to practise your craft.

Pet blankets are also an option. These are usually bigger than baby blankets, so will take longer and give you more practise.

The basic patterns seem very normal and simple. You may eve view them as stereotypical, but that's what you want as a beginner. The whole idea of knitting patterns for beginners is to practise the different skills and develop them to the point where you can start making soft toys and jumpers for your friends and family members.

Free Patterns

Download free patterns supplied to you by Kangaroo, visit the download page

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